Port Your Phone Number to Rogers

Bring your number from another Canadian carrier to Rogers.
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Transfer your existing Canadian number to Rogers

We’ve made it easy to bring your phone number to Rogers from another Canadian service provider. Follow the steps below to get started. 

Note: you’ll need a Rogers SIM and active temporary number to transfer your number.

1. Sign in to your MyRogers account.

Individual Wireless [Your name] A blurred phone number is displayed Manage >

2. Choose the temporary number you’re replacing, then select Manage. 

3. Click the Transfer my existing phone number link in the blue banner on your Rogers dashboard or from the My wireless plan section.New! Transfer your existing Canadian number to Rogers Welcome! You can continue using your existing Canadian phone number with your Rogers plan. Want to transfer your existing number to Rogers? Check out the “Transfer my existing phone number” link to get started. Transfer my existing phone number > Browse add-ons >  Transfer my existing phone number >  Change my Caller ID >  Change my Voicemail password >  Change my wireless number >

4. Enter your existing Canadian phone number, then select Check eligibility to confirm that it’s eligible to transfer to Rogers. If it’s eligible, you’ll get a confirmation message.

1. Check my number eligibility Enter the Canadian phone number that you’d like to transfer to Rogers. This phone number will replace your number: [Your temporary number]  Please keep the SIM card that contains your existing phone number active and also keep your device turned on during the entire transfer process. If not, you’ll have to restart the transfer process from the beginning.  Enter your 10-digit phone number  A blurred phone number is displayed  This phone number is eligible for transfer.  Check Eligibility  Good news! Your phone number [The number you want to transfer] is eligible to be transferred to Rogers. Please make sure that you have an active Rogers device and SIM card before you continue. If not, you’ll have to restart the transfer process from the beginning.  Continue
Important! Don’t cancel your current service or remove your SIM card. The phone number you’re transferring to Rogers must be active to complete your transfer. Your existing service gets cancelled automatically when the transfer is finished. Only active mobile, landline or fax numbers are transferable.

5. Enter your details from the other service provider then select Continue.


If you’re transferring a mobile number:

Enter at least one of the following:   (You don’t need all 3 to proceed)

  • Your account number
  • Your password or PIN
  • The ESN or IMEI number of your current wireless device. Click the I-icon for steps on how to find this.

2. Current service provider details Please note: •	The phone number [The number you want to transfer] must remain active during the entire transfer process. •	After submitting your request, you’ll receive a text message on [The number you want to transfer] from your current service provider. Please respond with “YES” to that message within 90 minutes to approve the transfer. If not, you’ll have to restart the transfer process from the beginning. •	The transfer process usually takes a few minutes from the time you reply but may take up to 2.5 hours. Important: Please don’t cancel your account with your current service provider until your number is successfully transferred to Rogers. Once the transfer is complete, we’ll take care of cancelling service with them. You’ll still be responsible for any outstanding charges on your account with your current service provider and should communicate with them directly if you have any questions about your outstanding bills with them. Type of service: Mobile Please enter at least one of the required account details regarding your current service provider carrier. Account number or Enter password or PIN or Enter IMEI number Previous Continue

If you’re transferring a landline, enter your billing name and service address. The account for your other service provider must be under the same last name as your Rogers account. 


6. Review the details of your transfer and  check the consent box to authorize Rogers to transfer your number on your behalf. Then, select Submit.

3. Review Current Rogers Number [Your temporary number] - Existing number [The number you want to transfer] Type of service: Mobile By submitting this form, I authorize Rogers to act on my behalf to contact my current service provider to cancel my current services and compete the transfer request. Previous Submit

7. You’ll get a confirmation when your request has been successfully submitted.


If you’re transferring a mobile number:

  • You’ll also get a text message on the number you want to transfer. Reply Yes to the text within 90 minutes of receiving it to complete your transfer. If you don’t do this, your request will be cancelled. You’ll need to restart the process again to transfer your number.
  • We’ll complete your transfer within 2.5 hours and send you a text message when the transfer is complete. If you don’t get a text after this time, restart your device.
  • You can check the status of your transfer on your MyRogers Wireless dashboard.

My transfer status Status Competed Rogers Number A blurred phone number is displayed Previous Number A blurred phone number is displayed Request Date Sep. 13, 2022, 02:49 p.m. Last Updated Sep. 13, 2022, 02:49 p.m.

If you’re transferring a landline, we’ll complete your transfer within 2 business days. 



My transfer isn’t complete yet. Was it cancelled?

The transfer will be cancelled if:

  • You reject the request by replying No.
  • You fail to respond to the text message within 90 minutes.
  • The information you provided is incorrect or not valid.

You must have your previous carrier’s SIM card in your phone to get the text message. If you don’t reply in time, contact us and we’ll send a new transfer request.

Can I keep my phone number if I move to a different city?

It’s possible to transfer your number outside your original local calling area. It’s important to be aware that all outgoing and incoming calls outside your former local calling area will be considered long distance. All applicable long distance charges will apply.

What if I need to do a landline-to-wireless transfer?
  • Landline-to-Wireless transfers may take longer depending on the complexity of the number transfer from your current provider.
  • If you have an alarm system connected to your landline, you must deactivate it before the transfer.
  • If you’re with an internet service provider that connected you to the internet through the telephone line, your previous provider will deactivate this service.
Can I keep my phone, or should I get a new one?

It’s completely up to you! Both options are available.

  • If you bring your own phone to Rogers, you’ll need to get a Rogers SIM card.
  • You can also get a new phone when you order from us.

You’ll receive a temporary number with your new Rogers service and then can proceed with the port in instructions.

Will my existing Rogers voicemail reset during the number transfer process?

Your voicemail service might be reset during the transfer. It’s best to retrieve all your messages before starting a transfer request. Please go here to learn how to save your voicemails.

If you set up your Rogers voicemail (i.e. recorded a greeting) before your number was transferred, you’ll need to set it up again after the number is transferred.