Rogers Business Internet

Our fastest, most reliable internet is here to meet the needs of your business. Rogers supports millions of directly connected subscribers on our national backbone network, including wireless smart phones and cable Internet customers.


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Fibre Internet


Rogers Fibre Internet for business is a fibre-based, scalable, high speed Internet connectivity solution.

From unmatched speed to dependable cloud access, fibre may make the difference between you and the competition.


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Rogers Network and the Power of Fibre

Extensive and Diverse

  • Rogers has one of the most interconnected Internet backbones
    in Canada. It is able to deliver high availability, low latency service with a minimal number of hops as demanded by our customers.
  • Rogers Internet infrastructure easily supports the delivery of over 200 Gbps of traffic during peak times throughout a typical day.

Highly Scalable

  • Rogers invests in a customer’s site by deploying an intelligent access switch with multiple network ports and a 1000 Mbps fibre optic uplink to our network.
  • This allows you to increase bandwidth and add new services on demand without the need for any new hardware.

Geographical Reach

  • Rogers owns and operates a national network with over 25,000 km of fibre routes including touch points in all major Canadian cities and US Network Access Points.
  • Rogers can provide fibre-based network access in thousands of buildings across Canada.

Service and Support

  • Rogers Business Solutions supports its customers and networks with responsive and knowledgeable account teams, customer care and network professionals.
  • The Rogers Customer Support Team is available to assist you 24/7/365.

Should your company choose Rogers Fibre?

 When you partner with Rogers Business Solutions, you benefit from on-going collaboration with our team of experts who leverage our nation-wide fibre network delivering a flexible scalable product suite to meet your evolving business needs.

An easy way into the cloud

It’s no wonder that companies large and small are choosing to move to the cloud.

Cloud access gives employees the flexibility to access data, communicate and collaborate from anywhere they have an internet connection. It makes data storage and site-hosting possible with no investment in on-premises hardware.

In addition, cloud-based applications for online meetings, hosted email, online storage, file sharing, web-traffic tracking and analysis, customer relationship management, marketing automation and more have become practically indispensable for day-to-day operations.

Cloud-based services like these help optimize productivity while reducing IT operating costs. And fibre internet offers the fastest access possible, resulting in a better experience for both employees and customers.

Business at the speed of light

Data can be transmitted through fibre optic cabling at light speed—literally—making it capable of delivering upload and download speeds of up to 100 Gbps with unlimited usage.

Identical, simultaneous upload and download speeds is called “symmetrical speed,” and it can be crucial for certain types of workloads, such as high-definition streaming during conference calls and real-time sharing of very large files. Fibre internet provides a better user experience and can save hours of waiting, helping to maintain high productivity, business relationships and brand reputation.

Do you really need symmetrical speed? The answer depends on your business and the types of activities that matter most to you. If you’re streaming high-definition webinars to customers or backing up high-resolution design files to the cloud, fibre internet will save you and your workforce hours. In the end, what matters is that your data gets where it’s needed as quickly and reliably as possible.

Consistent reliability

Everyone has experienced lag and latency when attempting to stream video, download files or access an app. But with the unlikely exception of a line being damaged by weather or construction, nothing interferes with the transmission of light pulses through a fibre optic strand—not even electrical or radio wave interference.

That means employees can consistently depend on a lightning-fast connection, regardless of how busy the network might be.

Fibre internet provides virtually unlimited capacity. Regardless of how much data you’re processing and whether you’re sending or receiving it, your experience will be the same every time.


Optical fibres are amazingly small and light. Every strand contains an enormous amount of capacity. Since data is sent via light, individual wave lengths can be turned on or off as required, to accommodate fluctuating needs. Unused strands (dark fibre) can also be harnessed to address additional needs.

With excess capacity at the ready, you have the flexibility to scale up, by adding users in one location, or scale out, by connecting to other locations, all from your existing connection. And whether you’re scaling up or down, no downtime is required, so the experience is seamless for users.



Dedicated Internet


With Dedicated Internet, business customers receive symmetrical bandwidth supporting speeds up to 10 Gbps and full 24/7 support backed up by service level guarantees.

You can choose any speed up to 10 Gbps, according to your business needs.


Check if Rogers Dedicated Internet is available in your area.

Technology that keeps your business ahead


Customize a seamless internet experience specific to your needs with simultaneous upload and download speeds up to 10 Gbps.1


Our wholly owned and operated network achieves 99.999% uptime. There’s no single point of failure and secondary connections can be added.


Built-in 24/7 DDoS protection helps stop attacks that flood your network with bad traffic, keeping your business online.


Easily add services and bandwidth as your business grows without the need for new hardware or site visits.

Every Dedicated Internet solution includes:


Unlimited usage


Connection repair in only 4 hours on average


Service-level guarantees


Easily add services and bandwidth


24/7 technical support

Additional Features:

Static IP address
IPv4 support
DDoS protection

Should your company choose Dedicated Internet?

When you partner with Rogers Business Solutions, you benefit from on-going collaboration with our team of experts who leverage our nation-wide fibre network delivering a flexible scalable product suite to meet your evolving business needs.

Network dependability

Dedicated Internet is built on our Tier I, high-availability IP network, which has more than 100 major points-of-presence nationwide, is connected to more than 200 unique IP networks, and is supported by responsive network professionals.


Web portal reporting

Receive daily, weekly and monthly inbound and outbound traffic reports online on any internet-enabled device so you can easily stay on top of your solution’s performance.


Managed services

Dedicated Internet comes with standard managed services, including customer-edge router design, configuration and implementation as well as monitoring and notifications. Optional services include fully outsourced management.


Colocation services


Focus on running your business instead of your IT infrastructure

Free up space, IT potential and funds by housing your infrastructure equipment in a secure, professionally managed data centre.

By housing your IT infrastructure in one of our guarded and monitored data centres, four of which are Uptime Institute Tier III certified facilities, you can rest assured your business-critical applications will stay up and running with minimal risk of environmental failures.

Why choose Colocation Services with Imagine Wireless?

Reduce costs

Power and cooling resources are pooled among all tenants, lowering those often-unpredictable costs in favour of a regular monthly fee.

Eliminate hassles

Our 24/7 support and managed service technicians allow you to offload critical day-to-day operations so you can focus on your customers without worrying about business continuity.

Scale more easily

You’ll always be able to add to your environment and connect your interface with us to create a resilient hybrid solution. Scale up or down and replace old equipment while freeing up space at your workplace. We take care of the logistics.

Connect with the world

By hosting Megaport, we provide onramps for you to integrate with other data centres and cloud providers around the world.

Colocation services feature:


Cages, suites and cabinets

Our data centres are carrier- and cloud-neutral so you can connect to the provider of your choice. Environments are fully customizable with space configurations that include private suite, cage and cabinet options.


100% uptime guaranteed

Our SLAs guarantee 100% uptime, and our operational maturity means we offer advanced DCIM capabilities, have broad enterprise certifications such as SOC, ISO, PCI, and HIPPA, and we manage an additional 20 enterprise data centres on behalf of our customers.


Service amenities

We offer managed network services, managed backup, data destruction, Smart Hands and Eyes, multi-homed internet, as well as onsite private and on-demand cloud services

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