The next generation of possible

What’s impossible today will soon be possible, with 5G from Rogers

At Rogers for Business, we believe in providing Canadians with a network experience that empowers them to make more possible. We’re continuously investing to deliver the next generation of that experience—5G.

Working with the brightest minds in Canada, we’ve been building the network of the future. With lightning fast speeds, ultra-low latency to provide almost instant response times, and the capacity to connect millions of devices, 5G is changing the way we live, work and connect to the customers, businesses and experiences that matter most. From smartphones to smart cities and everything in between, this isn’t simply the next evolution of wireless networks: we are engaged in a technological revolution. What’s impossible today won’t be tomorrow, because the next generation of possible is here with 5G from Rogers — from Canada’s most trusted network.1

1Based on total number of wireless subscribers.

Canada’s First 5G Network Expands to Over 50 New Cities and Towns

From small towns to metropolitan centres and local small business parks, Rogers 5G is reaching across provinces, bringing businesses the very best in wireless technology. 


What is 5G?

Fifth generation, or 5G, is the most transformative technology offered since wireless services were introduced in 1985, connecting everything in our world: from people and machines, to businesses and cities.

The first generation of wireless networks brought analogue voice calls, then SMS came with 2G, web browsing with 3G, and high-speed data and video streaming with 4G. 5G opens a whole new world–moving beyond connecting people to connecting machines and providing mass connectivity through the Internet of Things (IoT).

What’s impossible today won’t be tomorrow, because the next generation of possible is here with 5G from Rogers on Canada’s most trusted network.


Where and how is 5G available today?

From towns to metropolitan centres, 5G brings the very best in wireless technology to Canadians and businesses. We’ve rolled out 5G in over 50 towns and cities. This includes Calgary and Edmonton, with more locations on the way. See our 5G coverage map below.

Today, 5G data speeds are comparable to our fastest 4G speeds. And they are getting faster as we build out our network. To experience 5G with Rogers today, you’ll need a Rogers for Business wireless plan with unlimited data (from 10GB of max speed data, reduced speeds thereafter) and a 5G enabled device. Get 5G access at no extra cost until March 2021.


What is Rogers doing to bring innovative 5G solutions to Canadians?

To bring 5G technology to Canadians, we’ve built upon our longstanding strategic partnership with Ericsson, the North American 5G partner of choice. We are upgrading our 4G network to make it 5G ready through densification and uplift investments.

Our 5G ecosystem also includes strategic partnerships to research, incubate and commercialize made-in-Canada 5G technology and applications with the University of British Columbia,the University of Waterloo, Communitech, Ryerson University Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst and ENCQOR. As well, we are a founding member of the 5G Future Forum, which is creating a common framework for 5G applications enabled by mobile edge computing across the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe.


What will 5G mean for businesses?

Not just speed, 5G wireless technology means always-on reliability and real-time connectivity. With ultra-low latency, the delay between sending a request and the network responding can theoretically drop to one millisecond. That’s 400 times faster than the blink of an eye. This allows connected devices to run a range of applications requiring quick responsiveness for innovations such as autonomous vehicles, telesurgery, smart buildings, smart cities, and more.

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